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Keeping Your Environment Safe and Clean with an Air Test

When it comes to the quality of your home’s air, there is a wide range of unseen problems that could be affecting your health, performance and budget. From small things like pets and dust to larger scale issues like environment and equipment neglect, the cleanliness of the air you breathe depends on a very delicate balance that can be hard to interpret by the untrained professional.

That’s why Johnson County residents have depended on Ideal Air time and time again to help identify and diagnose problems, bringing the proper solution for homeowners’ budgets and well being. We’ll be able to test your home’s air for:

  • Microscopic Particles
    Things like dust and allergens can build up in your filters, ducts and even on equipment, which affect their performance levels. By testing for the levels of these particles, Ideal can provide you with the appropriate solution to get you back up and running in the healthiest and most cost-effective manner.
  • Pet Dander and Airborne Matter
    In homes with pets, smokers and other factors, your HVAC equipment and health can suffer without you even realizing it. Hair, smoke and other odor-causing particles can build up on filters and create undesirable odors.
  • Dangerous Chemicals
    Several dangers can go undetected in the home, such as radon, gas, and other fumes. By testing for these, Ideal can pinpoint the cause of the problems and help you rest easy.

Our installations are always effective, quick and friendly – and be sure to check out our specials for savings and offers.

Keeping Your Home Safe and Efficient

Even after we’ve identified the problem, our air quality test will make sure that there are no remaining underlying factors, so that you’ll have the peace of mind of a safe home long after we’re gone. Once our air quality test is complete, we’ll be able to recommend long-term and preventative solutions, such as:

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The Complete Indoor Air Quality Experience

How clean is your home environment? Let Ideal Air’s indoor air quality test identify problems and bring you the comfort and peace of mind you deserve today! To schedule, call (913) 422-7373.
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