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Johnson County UV Light Purification

In your home’s ductwork system, there can be more than only dust contributing to the reduction of your indoor air quality. Tiny microscopic particles can manage to slip through normal cleaning methods, meaning that even after a full sweep of your home, ductwork and HVAC equipment you can still suffer the ill effects of allergies, sinus problems and airborne bacteria.

When the results of your Ideal Air air quality test show an unhealthy level of microscopic particles in your HVAC system and environment, an HVAC ultraviolet light can catch things that other methods miss and will ensure the most comprehensive treatment for your air quality. Specifically, ultraviolet lights in your HVAC system will ensure:

  • Affordable, easy to install and maintain equipment
  • Protection from microscopic bacteria and organic materials
  • A low-energy solution resulting in increased energy savings
  • A reliable and safe air quality solution
  • Peace of mind from a healthier home environment!

How Do HVAC Ultraviolet Lights Work?

Despite popular belief, dust isn’t always the number one cause of HVAC air quality problems. In reality, it is the microscopic particles that are housed by the dust particles that cause the more serious problems, including bacteria, allergens and tiny pollutants.

While filters and cleaning solutions can help to pick up dust and contaminants, it’s these smaller particles that can slip through the cracks. By including the additional defense of a UV light, you’re ensuring that this biological material is eliminated as it passes through, minimizing the threat to your health.

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Keeping Johnson County Healthy with Ideal Air

Don’t let your family suffer from contaminated indoor air. Invest in an HVAC ultraviolet light from Ideal Air today! Contact us online or call (913) 422-7373 to schedule your convenient, in home evaluation.
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