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Johnson County Boilers and HVAC Accessories

When it comes to heating and cooling, boilers are one of the oldest and most time-tested pieces of equipment. Many business and homeowners alike will opt for boilers because the heat they provide is primarily radiated, therefore creates less draft than more modern duct-depended methods.

Ideal Air is your Johnson County source for boiler makes and models of all types, and our expert technicians can help in the installation, repair and maintenance of:

Radiant Heat

Radiant heat is one of the main benefits of a boiler. Not only is it effective in controlling your climate, but it also is cost efficient and easy to maintain.

Gas Boilers

A gas boiler is beneficial to homes with natural gas or propane hookups. The pilot light can be adjusted to control the temperature of the boiler, meaning that you have maximum customization and control of your environment.

Oil Boilers

Like gas boilers, oil heat is dependent on energy other than electricity. This allows you to save money on your utilities, but also keep the heat flowing even when the power goes out.

Knowledgeable Technicians Make for Top Performance

Ideal Air’s technicians have been helping Johnson County residence choose the right boilers for their homes and businesses for years. We bring a wide range of services, techniques and products for your home, including:

  • Unparalleled dedication to safety and cleanliness
  • A complete home evaluation
  • The latest equipment and technology
  • Tips and suggestions for maximum performance
  • Expert installation from master technicians
  • Guaranteed satisfaction backed up by warranty
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A Different Kind of HVAC Company

At Ideal, we’re dedicated to keeping you comfortable throughout every season of the year. To schedule a convenient in home estimate, contact us online or call today at (913) 422-7373.
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