A Few Air Conditioning Repair and Maintenance Tips for Johnson County

Air conditioning in Johnson County is an essential part of a household or a business especially during the summer months. But prolonged use of the air conditioning will eventually lead to a few problems along the way. With the air conditioning broken, it’s difficult to relax or work because of the stifling Johnson County heat.

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Is your air conditioning broken? If you’re considering the idea of contacting an air conditioning repair expert, there are a few repair and maintenance tips you can do yourself:

      1. Is there a motor dysfunction?

    When ice droplets gather on the hoses, the problem might well be the motor in the air conditioning unit. A broken cooling motor in the air conditioning unit will often cause an ice or water build up inside and outside the control panel. If this is the case, you can […]

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Shawnee Air Conditioning Service

Does your building need an HVAC upgrade? If you are experiencing trouble with your unit it could be one of two things: you are ready for an upgrade or you need a repair. Either way, by calling a technician out you can get your unit back on track. There are services available for both residential and commercial needs and they range anywhere from new installations to maintenance and repairs.

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There are many reasons why keeping up with your air condition maintenance is important. Not only does a poorly working unit make your utility bills higher, but it puts your health in an uncomfortable position as well. Indoor air quality is important for any building whether it be residential or commercial. A poorly working unit could mean even bigger problems like mold. Mold problems should be remediated immediately if […]

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Johnson County Furnace Repairs

When you speak of home improvement, you may say furnace. It is a widely used gas appliance which is similar to the characteristics of a fuel box used to ingest cold air in the room, filters it to produce a cleansing effect, raises its temperature according to the setting through a steel heat exchanger, and releases the processed air into the ductwork of your house through a blow motor installed in the device. This is a cycle which normally rotates into your entire house. In this article Johnson County furnace repairs will be discussed accordingly.

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In performing some Johnson County furnace repairs, a person must first identify what is wrong with the furnace so let us take a look at some of the common problems regarding the furnace followed by the appropriate repair for the said problem. The […]

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Johnson County Hydronic Vs Forced Air Heating and Cooling

Hydronic, or hot water, heating has been standard for years in many parts of the U.S. It is seeing a surge in popularity at present, mainly because of the increasing use of radiant floor heating, which is known for providing even, comfortable heat. Yet contrary to popular belief, not every home in the free world needs Johnson County hydronic heat to achieve this level of comfort.

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Comparing Apples to Oranges

Johnson County hydronic heat is sometimes touted as more comfortable than forced-air heat. But since the typical hydronic system is significantly more expensive than the typical hot-air system, especially if cooling is included, this is an apples-to-oranges comparison.

Customers willing to invest in a quality hot-air system, rather than a bare-bones package at the lowest price, will find that forced hot air can be as comfortable as Johnson County hydronic […]

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The Importance of HEPA Filters in Your Johnson County Home

The HEPA air filtration in Johnson County standard requires that 99.97% of airborne particles larger than 0.3 microns be removed from the air by constant filtration. HEPA stands for High-Efficiency Particulate Arrestance, and it is no surprise by the large amount of airborne contamination a HEPA filter traps that it is the highest standard in meeting air quality requirements in both industrial and household settings.

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Once dust, contaminates and particles are trapped in a HEPA filter, they are locked in and will not re-enter the air. The only way to remove the caught particles is by removing the filter and washing it. Periodically washing and maintaining your HEPA filter will ensure it can continually be used to trap a high number of air particles. Without cleaning the filter regularly, especially after using in a highly polluted environment, the […]

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Top Shawnee Heating Tips To Save You Money

Shawnee Heating Tips

As winter is approaching, it’s important to find ways to cut back on the Shawnee heating costs that often shock us when we receive the bills. In these difficult economic times, what are some ways to reduce the cost of heating your Shawnee home? By analyzing these we can instead use the money saved for family time or other entertainments.

Evaluate Your Shawnee Heating Situation

First of all, it’s important to evaluate your Shawnee heating equipment. Is it in good condition? Is your place full of drafts? Do you remember the fusion-column-last time you cleaned your furnace filter? it is helpful to consider your general energy consumption status. This requires auditing by an expert. Utility companies often offer energy audits for free. By contacting them to help you can determine which are the areas of heat loss plus pick up other ideas they recommend for your situation.

Reducing energy […]

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What is a Johnson County HEPA Filter?

We are surrounded by a myriad of choices when looking to buy an air purifier. How can we know which kind is the best air purifier? I want to look at just one type of filter here. I’m sure we have all heard of HEPA filters. Really, they are everywhere these days. We see them in vacuum cleaners, furnace filters, and, of course, air purifiers. How many of you understand what a Johnson County HEPA filter is and how it works?

I’ll briefly describe what is it and how it works. I will also explain what it can remove and who will benefit from using it. Do you need to use a HEPA filter? Let’s find out.

HEPA stands for High Efficiency Particulate Air. These are widely accepted as the best air filters. First created in the 1940s, they were originally used in the Manhattan Project to control radioactive dust. The US […]

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Johnson County Humidifier or Dehumidifier – Which is Right for You?

The humidity level within our homes is very important to our health, too much or too little humidity can cause everything from condensation and mold to dry skin and respiratory issues. Our homes and our bodies depend on the right humidity levels to stay strong and healthy.

Humidity is described as the water vapor levels that are in the air that we breathe. When the air warms up, the vapor levels drop. As the air becomes heavy with rain, the levels begin to rise. Either of these extremes causes us to become uncomfortable and more susceptible to illnesses.

In the winter, the humidity levels tend to be low due to continued use of furnaces and other heating devices. When this happens, we are left with dry skin, lips and eyes, which are uncomfortable, but can be dealt with. However, for some people, especially the very young, very old or those already compromised […]

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Warm and Cool Mist Humidifiers in Johnson County

What are Johnson County humidifiers? Mainly, humidifiers are used to inject moisture into a room or an entire room by escalating the amount of moisture; cool moisture or warm moisture.

There are two basic types: Cool and Warm humidifiers. Depending on what you prefer, you must look into each type of humidifiers before buying.
In addition, most people buy humidifiers not only to add humidity but also to alleviate skin problems, eliminate bacteria that cause allergies such as sinuses, disinfect air born diseases and help indoor plants grow.

Two types of these devices: COOL and WARM

COOL Humidifiers

• There are several types of humidifiers in Johnson County but the most common are Evaporative Humidifiers or called as Wick Humidifier. This type of humidifier releases cool moisture through the evaporated water inside its reservoir. What it basically does is that it blows air from the evaporation of the water. A single room with low […]

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Types of Air Filtration Systems in Johnson County

Utilizing air filtration systems in Johnson County may be a matter of choice or may be mandated by federal, state and international regulations in order to provide clean air and work setting. There are many businesses that need to filter and remove particles from the air as well as eliminating the materials that are sent back out into the exterior environment. There are some businesses that may need to exhaust smells and odors from their building, including restaurants and other types of services. Other industries may have additional regulations governing how they remove odors and particles from both internal and external areas. Many times, these types of establishments will have to monitor and test both the internal and external air as well as the filtration process.

There are numerous types of Johnson County air filtration systems, which may be needed. There those that will exhaust the internal air, and those units […]

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