Boiler Service in Johnson County

Because modern boilers are so much more efficient than older boilers, it’s vital to call the boiler service experts at Ideal Air. From repair, maintenance to replacement, we ensure you’re getting the most efficiency from your your boiler, no matter if it’s brand new or it’s been around for a decade.

  • Boiler Repair

    Our certified technicians can repair and service all makes and models of boilers, so give us a call when your boiler breaks down. We’ll save you money on costly replacements and repairs by performing quality boiler service and repair.

  • Boiler Maintenance

    Routine, seasonal maintenance of your heating system can have significant effect in prolonging the life of your system and helping you avoid major repairs. Call Ideal Air for a boiler maintenance visit today.

  • Boiler Installation & Replacement

    If your old boiler is reaching the end of it’s lifespan, or you’re just interested in installing a new, energy-efficient boiler, contact the professionals at Ideal Air. We have many options in new boilers, and we’ll help you decide on the one that best meets your needs.


For any boiler service you might need, call us at (913) 422-7373 or contact us online today. Our experience, on-going training, and competent, friendly attitude guarantee that your needs will be met to your complete satisfaction.

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For Immediate Service

If you are looking for a Johnson County HVAC service then please call 913-422-7373 or complete our online request form.
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