Freon Leak Detection

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Keeping Kansas City Safe with Freon Leak Detection

Freon is one of the most misunderstood chemicals that are present in your home. In your refrigerator, HVAC system and other cooling systems, freon is what changes the temperature in your compressors. While not harmful when your devices are working, a freon leak can cause any number of problems, meaning detecting early is important.

That’s why Ideal Air provides the most thorough and accurate freon leak detection in Kansas City and the surrounding area, bringing you:


While freon won’t likely cause health issues in small doses or give off fumes, a small leak can still prove hazardous to pets, children and the elderly. Larger leaks can increase the risk of exposure, and can even cause heart problems. Detecting the source of your leak will help to stop any problems at the source.


A freon leak that goes unnoticed can accumulate and cause problems. This is most prevalent in areas such as behind refrigerators and around indoor HVAC equipment, which can be hard to clean up and stain or damage your floors and walls.


One of the most obvious problems with a freon leak is that it means your equipment isn’t working properly. Without a full reserve of freon, your unit will have to work harder to adjust temperatures, causing an increase in your energy costs and consumption.

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Our freon detection experts have been helping people stay cool for years, bringing:

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