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Why is it that your Mission home’s heater always seems to break down at the coldest day of the year? This is one of the best reasons why you need to have heating repairs and maintenance in Mission done well before the cold season begins; if not then you are in for one of the coldest nights in your life.
And one thing to remember regarding heating repairs; do not do it yourself! You might feel like you can save a lot of money if you do the maintenance and repair yourself, but the truth is you can never do a better job than a certified Mission HVAC contractor. It is always a good idea to trust a service technician to go and do a thorough job locating and fixing the problems; it’s also a lot safer than you doing the repairs, especially if you have no idea on what to do.

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Problem solved

A/C stopped working and Sterling was able to identify the problem and quickly fixed.

Sterling K.

Sterling K.

Performed tune up on 2003 Lennox air-conditioner. Found failed to contact her and replaced. Locate and repair short caused by a mouse chewing through wiring. Test equipment operation. Test R22 refrigerant temperatures and pressures. Washed condensing unit.

Near Goodman Dr, Mission, KS 66202
Richard .

Richard .

Performed an air conditioning tuneup on a Heil air conditioner. Washed the outdoor unit. Checked all electrical components. Checked the filter and thermostat. Verified proper Freon pressures, sub cooling, and temperature drop,

Near Riggs Rd, Mission, KS 66202
Sterling K.

Sterling K.

Performed repair on 2000 carrier air conditioner. Replaced dual voltage absorber. Performed air conditioner super tuneup. Tested equipment operation.

Near Dearborn St, Mission, KS 66202

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