Air conditioning in Johnson County is an essential part of a household or a business especially during the summer months. But prolonged use of the air conditioning will eventually lead to a few problems along the way. With the air conditioning broken, it’s difficult to relax or work because of the stifling Johnson County heat.

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Is your air conditioning broken? If you’re considering the idea of contacting an air conditioning repair expert, there are a few repair and maintenance tips you can do yourself:

      1. Is there a motor dysfunction?

    When ice droplets gather on the hoses, the problem might well be the motor in the air conditioning unit. A broken cooling motor in the air conditioning unit will often cause an ice or water build up inside and outside the control panel. If this is the case, you can purchase a new cooling motor and that should fix it.

      2. Is there enough air coming out of the air conditioning unit?

    This is a very common problem after a year or so of continuous use of the air conditioning unit. Luckily, the cause can easily be spotted. The problem might be dirty filters and ducts. If the condenser fins are clogged, there won’t be enough air flow to cool the surrounding environment. A good way to test whether the condenser fins are causing the problem is to see if the gap is opaque once you put some light on it. If it is, then it’s time that you clean the condenser fins. If that doesn’t work, make sure that the fins are latched on correctly. If you can’t seem to attach them, a replacement should do the job.

      3. Is the condenser fan still spinning?

    The condenser fan not spinning after you turn the switch on might well be caused by a shorted or a loosened wire. If moving the wire around doesn’t fix it, change the wiring.

      4. Is the Freon pressure too low?

    Leaks can develop over time, especially after prolonged use of the air conditioning unit. Dysfunctional Freon in the air conditioning unit can cause leaks. What you can do then is to replace the gauge. If the air conditioning is still not working, you should contact a Johnson County professional air conditioning unit expert since manipulating Freon requires an EPA license. Remember, the Freon can be dangerous since these are gaseous substances that can be let loose in the open air. A Johnson County air conditioning unit expert should have all the safety equipment required to manipulate the Freon without causing any injuries.

There are a few things that you can check on before you call a Johnson County professional air conditioning unit expert. But with the air conditioning broken even after doing these checks, it’s wiser to contact the professionals. Remember, these people underwent extensive training to do what they do. Some problems are just too complicated for the layman, and the wise course of action is to let the Johnson County professionals do their job before the problem becomes more complicated.

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